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Terms and Conditions for obtaining and using My Animal Trace Nano microchips


1.1  All microchips are sent out to implanters free of charge and are the property of My Animal Trace Limited.

1.2  We are registered in England and Wales under registration number 13303442, and our registered office is at 854 Manchester Road, Rochdale, England, OL11 2SP.

1.3  My Animal Trace nanochips must be used for the sole purpose of implanting microchips into animals to enable back track and reunification of a lost/stolen pet. Once implanted My Animal Trace nanochips are ready to be transferred to the breeder for free via the online implanter/breeder platform and then able to be transferred to the new keeper initiating a £30.00 fee for their lifetime pet registration with no hidden future fees/charges to the registered keeper whilst using our database. The keeper is always liable to keep their registration up to date and authorise any future transfers to a new keeper or a new database. Any future new keeper transfer or database transfer will initiate a £30.00 transfer fee.

1.4 Pet rescues, charities and rehoming centres are eligible for a free temporary registration of any pet that comes into their care with an implanted My Animal Trace microchip. The free temporary registration is on the basis that once the pet is rehomed, the new keeper registers the pet via for their lifetime keeper registration. This will be at a fee of £30.00. If at any point the keeper, or the pet rescue, charity or rehoming centre decides to transfer the pet to a different database prior to registering via My Animal Trace, the keeper, pet rescue, charity or rehoming centre will be liable for a £30.00 transfer fee.

(a)    Free My Animal Trace Nano microchips will be delivered by post to the requesting implanter.

(b)    My animal Trace Nano microchips received by an implanter will be pre registered into the requesting implanters name/business name prior to delivery and microchip registration activity will be monitored at all times.

(c)   My Animal Trace Nano Microchips must not be sold or swapped with any other type/brand of microchip otherwise the implanter initiating the swap will be liable for prosecution.

(d)    My Animal Trace would like to build a loyal team to help regulate and ensure safety and fairness to all parties included in the microchipping chain. Any suspicion of an implanter swapping microchips with our competitors will result in immediate revocation of any free microchip offers, including the return of any un-used My Animal Trace Nano microchips at the suspected implanters expense, with liability for prosecution should any microchips have been swapped.


We appreciate all of our team members, and our main aim is to help keep pets safe with their owners. Our back track log ensures pet safety at the highest rate possible within the RFID microchipping system, and for unlimited free microchips to be taken and thrown away/recycled is not helpful for the back track system and reunification of pets let alone the detrimental effect it has on the environment, with the whole original manufacturing and delivery process becoming pointless if the microchips are never going to be used for purpose and merely discarded. Reunification of lost/stolen pets with owners and saving our planet are both important values of the My Animal Trace team and we would like members of our team to share those same core values and beliefs in return for receiving an unlimited supply of microchips free of charge, to support their business.


Register now for your lifetime online registration with the option to register your pet QR MAT-TAG.

Keep us updated with any changes to your contact details via, ensuring you’re abiding by UK laws, and keeping your pet safe!


If your pet is lost or stolen, our team is on hand to help 24/7.

Fill in the form below to flag a pet lost or stolen. For general enquiries please email


Registered microchips are stored in our database instantly and securely. When registering, you can also activate your MAT-TAG, which includes pinpoint location of a lost pet, with reunification benefits. A finder can scan the QR code on a lost pets tag, with any mobile device, and follow the steps to reunite the pet with their family!

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