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Fill in your pets microchip number below and click search.

Using the microchip number you provide, we will search our own database, as well as 15 other national, government compliant databases. This will give best opportunity in finding your pet.


    My Animal Trace

    Microdog ID

    UK Pet Register


    Animal Tracker


    My Pet HQ


    AVID Plc

    Animal Microchips



    Microchip Central

    Pet Scanner

    Smart Trace

    Lost Paws

    Animal Data

    We Trace


    Have you got a new pet?

    If you have a new pet, please ensure to register your details via our online based registration service, this is the only voice your pet has to get them home should they become lost.


    Register now for your lifetime online registration with the option to register your pet QR MAT-TAG.

    Keep us updated with any changes to your contact details via, ensuring you’re abiding by UK laws, and keeping your pet safe!

    24/7 HELPLINE

    If your pet is lost or stolen, our team is on hand to help 24/7.

    Fill in the form below to flag a pet lost or stolen. For general enquiries please email



    Registered microchips are stored in our database instantly and securely. When registering, you can also activate your MAT-TAG, which includes pinpoint location of a lost pet, with reunification benefits. A finder can scan the QR code on a lost pets tag, with any mobile device, and follow the steps to reunite the pet with their family!

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