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If you opt for an animal I.D card with your registration, then you are one step ahead. You will be provided with a photographic animal I.D card, detailing your pets information and microchip number. This gives you peace of mind, that you will always have immediate access to your pet info, including a picture should a loss or theft occur. Your I.D card comes with handy QR code, ensuring quick access to your online My Animal Trace account, to aid with flagging, should such an event arise.

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Opt for your My Animal Trace, pet I.D card for only £5, when purchased with microchip transfer or registration!

% Of cats without a microchip in the U.K 0

% Of cats reported missing in the U.K 0

% Of people supportive of cat microchipping 0


Transfer your details to your new pets microchip. Keep up to date via your My Animal Trace online account.


If your pet is lost or stolen, our team is on hand to help 24/7.


All microchips are registered on to our My Animal Trace database, instantly and securely.

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