Do you have a new pet from a breeder, rescue, or other?


If you have a new pet from a breeder, an adoption from rescue, private adoption, keeping your own pet you have bred, or registering an unregistered microchip, you must register your microchip against your contact details and with My Animal Trace you also have the option to activate or purchase a MAT-TAG too, for added peace of mind your pet can be back home in no time.

Report A Missing pet

We know a lost loved pet is a worrying time, in the case of a missing pet please fill in the form below to report a missing pet immediately. Always remember to include your pet’s microchip number as well as whether they are lost or stolen, and any other useful information.

Chip Check


Cats aged over 20 weeks are to be microchipped & registered by 10th June 2024 - keepers will be liable to fines up to £500 beyond this date.

Did you know?

% Of people supportive of cat microchipping 0

% Of cats without a microchip in the U.K 0

% Of cats reported missing in the U.K 0

All new keepers are required to register their dog or cat microchip and keep their reunification contact details up to date, by law.

Your microchip registration is necessary and must be completed via our online based service. For sustainability reasons, we do not send out paper confirmation via post.

Once a pet microchip registration is completed, pet and keeper contact details will be stored securely against the pet’s microchip number for reunification purposes.

Opt for a photographic I.D card, detailing your pets details & microchip number, along with your address & contact info. You can also activate your pets MAT-TAG for just £1 per month or less! An activated personalised pet QR tag gives your pet a voice to tell anyone with a mobile device where they live, should they ever wonder off or escape!

Register now for your lifetime online registration with the option to register your pet QR MAT-TAG.

Keep us updated with any changes to your contact details via [email protected], ensuring you’re abiding by UK laws, and keeping your pet safe!


If your pet is lost or stolen, our team is on hand to help 24/7.

Fill in the form below to flag a pet lost or stolen.


Registered microchips are stored in our database instantly and securely. When registering, you can also activate your MAT-TAG, which includes pinpoint location of a lost pet, with reunification benefits. A finder can scan the QR code on a lost pets tag, with any mobile device, and follow the steps to reunite the pet with their family!

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