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Activate your pets MAT-TAG for 1, 3, 5 or 10 years!

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Activate your pets MAT-TAG for tracing and reunification benefits.

If your pet happens to stray, any finder can scan your pets MAT-TAG QR code, with any mobile device. Once scanned, the finder follows the instructions given to them on their screen. As the pet owner, you will then receive a notification that your pet has been found, including a pinpoint location, and the finders contact details! The finder will also receive your email address and phone number to arrange reunification with your beloved pet!

By law, all dogs must wear tags on their collars, with MAT-TAGS, we have digitised the needed tag, adding extra security and safety benefits, as well as the added feature of pinpoint pet location notifications! This makes pet reunification easier and safer then ever!

  • Pinpoint location of pet
  • Connect with finder
  • Reunite with lost pet
  • 1, 3, 5, or 10 year activation options

*Please note: without activation, MAT-TAGS will not have your keeper details available to be searched by a person that finds your lost pet.

**By activating your MAT-TAG, you are agreeing to share your name, email address and/or contact number to a person that finds and scans your pets MAT-TAG.

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Activate MAT-TAG

01 Years, 03 Years, 05 Years, 10 Years